By Bodies of Water  , 2014. Photography by  Rolando Ortiz de la Cruz

By Bodies of Water, 2014. Photography by Rolando Ortiz de la Cruz

THIS IS THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. Literally. This is the story of you, your family, your friends. This is a summary of your journey so far, starting from the very beginning and bringing you to new shores of realization. 

Serving as both an excursion and a discourse on im/migrant struggle, By Bodies of Water not only attempts to trace ethnic heritage and provide a voice to the émigré experience, but also seeks to disrupt Western thought on diasporic bodies. The text is completed by rich and detailed illustrations by Ravneet Sehmbi.

Khan's book is notable for having made a startling impact in the lives of many readers, both young and old. Click below to read about how this book has influenced a class of university students and how it has changed the way we each think about our personal narratives.  

By Bodies of Water in Education

By Bodies of Water - Artwork , 2015

By Bodies of Water - Artwork, 2015

A collection of only the original artwork found in By Bodies of Water (written by Naveed A. Khan), illustrated by Ravneet Sehmbi. 

  • Illustrations, published in 2015

  • Length: 72 pages

  • This edition does not contain any of the original poetry found in By Bodies of Water.

  • Printed in large format (8.25″ x 8.25″) for stunning visual detail.