An incredible amount of work, time, and effort goes into creating content, but sharing that same content is not always as easy as it seems. Without your support, readership, and patronage, none of it would have been possible, period. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

It has come to my attention that a lot of content today is best consumed digitally, so I have put together a little digital bundle as a pay-what-you-want perk for your reading benefit.

Included in this package are digital copies of works ranging from 2012 to 2016, with a total of over 500 pages of work. These titles include

  • Retro Specks (2012), 50 pages

  • Wrapping Paper (2013), 40 pages

  • Decaf (2013), 147 pages

  • By Bodies of Water (Excerpt, 2014), 15 pages

  • What Terror Looks Like (2015), 78 pages

  • Everything is Excruciating + Awkward in Doorways (2016), 178 pages

All the above titles are available as direct download links to PDFs that can be conveniently accessed on all computer and mobile platforms, including iOS and Android devices.

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Pay What You Want & Download Now

Retro Specks - 50 pages

A selection of writing by Naveed Khan from 2012. 


Wrapping Paper (40 pages)

A collection of highly decorative prose verse to [w]rap your head around.

This collection explores Khan’s musical roots in writing and is curated as a sort of rhyme book.

wrapping paper.jpg

Decaf (147 pages)

Where there is often little room for words, there is always a great need for expression. And when coffee cannot keep you up, you might find that conversation with the right person can. Decaf features a collection of writing by Naveed Khan inspired by just that, as he attempts to put words to those things that often leave us speechless. Make Decaf your next coffee house companion.

Caution: highly sentimental writing contained within, read at your own discretion.

By Bodies of Water (Excerpt, 15 pages)

This is a selected excerpt of Khan’s 2014 book, which has been taught at York University as well as grade 12 English high school English courses in select Ontario schools.

THIS IS THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. Literally. This is the story of you, your family, your friends. This is a summary of your journey so far, starting from the very beginning and bringing you to new shores of realization.

Serving as both an excursion and a discourse on im/migrant struggle, By Bodies of Water not only attempts to trace ethnic heritage and provide a voice to the émigré experience, but also seeks to disrupt Western thought on diasporic bodies. The text is completed by rich and detailed illustrations by Ravneet Sehmbi.

Khan's book is notable for having made a startling impact in the lives of many readers, both young and old. Read about how this book has influenced a class of university students and how it has changed the way we each think about our personal narratives at: .

front1 final edit.jpg

WTLL - front.jpg

This collection of poetry by Naveed Khan features work that highlights discrimination and oppression against people of colour. Khan touches upon various topics ranging from abuse, racism, Islamophobia, and genocide. Khan is brutally honest in his detailed accounts of his personal experiences with being a visible minority in Canada, tackling issues born from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. WHAT TERROR LOOKS LIKE is a candid expression of grief, of loss, reconciliation, and negotiation, and calls attention to significant, ongoing social issues that should concern every person despite faith, colour, or nationality.

Everything is Excruciating (142 pages) +
Awkward in Doorways (35 pages)

EVERYTHING IS EXCRUCIATING is the result of a collection of exhaustions, from one person's tired to yours. This collection of poetry explores the various realms of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fatigue, while at the same time offers a sense of hope and reconciliation. 

AWKWARD IN DOORWAYS a meditation on doors and how we use them explores our individual relationships with people and ourselves. A life story beginning by the handle, spanning to the moment we walk across the threshold. Who are you? Who are we? Who is anyone in relation to someone else? Will you hold the door open or will you walk through first?

Awkward in Doorways was later made into a separate illustrated book in 2007 and is available on Amazon.

everything is excruciating cover.jpg